About Us

We are an investment company focused on agribusiness. Our aim is to grow our clients’ investments in viable agribusinesses. With over a decade of practical experience in agricultural commodity production, marketing, and sales, we make only the best agro investments for our clients.

Our Core Areas

Cosmic Roots MPCS

  • Savings, Loans and Profits

Cosmic Roots Consulting

  • HR Consulting
  • Organizational and Business Development

Cosmic Roots Farms

  • Livestock and Crop Farming
  • Feed production, marketing, and sales

Cosmic Roots Entertainment

  • Movie and Music Production, Marketing, and Sales
  • Showbiz

Our Partners

Alero Cooperative Union

FOMAB Farms Nigeria Enterprise

Heifer International

Itesiwaju Farmers’ Cooperative

Soupah Farm-en-Market Limited

Our Projects

Our Team

Yemi Omire

CEO/Strategy Manager


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